A student who wants to change to a different room in his or her residence hall or to a completely different residence hall should obtain a room change request form from the Office of Residential and Student Life, complete the form, obtain the required signatures, and return it to the Office of Residential and Student Life for consideration. This process must take place during the designated room change period that is specified each semester.

Room Change Procedure

  1. The Director of Residential and Student Life has the final authority in room changes, and must give written approval before any room change is made.
  2. Any student who wishes to move into a residence hall where there is no vacancy must find a student within that residence hall who is willing to change rooms. All parties involved must agree to the change. Under no circumstances should one student pressure another student into changing rooms. If this happens, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.
  3. All room change requests must be made during the designated room change period each semester. These dates will be posted in each residence hall. All requests must be processed, and room changes must be completed between these dates. Requests made after the room change deadlines will not be approved except for medical reasons that are verified by appropriate health personnel, or special circumstances as determined by the Coordinator of Residential Life in conjunction with the Director of Residential and Student Life.
  4. Students who make unauthorized room changes will be subject to disciplinary measures, which may include immediate removal from the unauthorized room, denial of a subsequent request to change rooms, forfeiture of the privilege of living on campus, payment of fines, or other appropriate measures.
  5. The Office of Residential and Student Life may require a student to change rooms for health, interpersonal, psychological, disciplinary, or other appropriate reasons.